September 1995
240 pages
22.8x15.2 in
Literary Criticism in Perspective
ISBN: 9781879751880
Format: Hardback
Camden House


The Reputation of Carson McCullers 1940-1990

Judith Giblin James

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A detailed critical history of McCullers's reputation and the social crosscurrents that shaped it.
The critical reception of Carson McCullers, author of The Heart Is aLonely Hunter, The Member of the Wedding, and The Ballad of theSad Café has reflected the prevailing cultural preoccupations of thefive decades since the publication of her first novel in 1940. Jamesdistinguishes between pre and post-war criticism and furtheridentifies other critical approaches — that of New Criticism which sawher work as working in the shadow of Faulkner; the response to thepsychological and social rhythms of her fiction; and the recognition ofthe interplay of gender, race, and class in her life, and her texts.


"Judith Giblin James has provided a near-definitive assessment of critical reaction to Carson McCullers since the publication of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter in 1940. . . . The value of James's study is not merely its summary of a wider variety of THE SOUTHERN QUARTERLY

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