Writing Europe, 500-1450

October 2015
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Essays and Studies
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Writing Europe, 500-1450

Texts and Contexts

Edited by Aidan Conti, Orietta Da Rold, Philip Shaw

Essays on the writing and textual culture of Europe in the middle ages.
Medieval Europe was characterized by a sophisticated market for the production, exchange and sale of written texts. This volume brings together papers on a range of topics, centred on manuscript studies and textual criticism, which explore these issues from a pan-European perspective. They examine the prolonged and varied processes through which Europe's different parts entered into modern reading, writing and communicative practices, drawing on a range of approaches and perspectives; they consider material culture, multilingualism in texts and books, book history, readers, audience and scribes across the Middle Ages.

Dr Aidan Conti teaches in the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen; Dr Orietta Da Rold teaches in the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge; Dr Philip Shaw teaches at the School of English, University of Leicester.

Contributors: Rolf H. Bremmer Jr, Stewart Brookes, Aidan Conti, Orietta Da Rold, Helen Fulton, Marilena Maniaci, Debora Matos, Annina Seiler, Peter A. Stokes, Nadia Togni, Svetlana Tsonkova, Matilda Watson, George Younge.

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Table of Contents

Preface - Orietta Da Rold and Aidan Conti and Philip A. Shaw
Medieval Manuscript Studies: A European Perspective - Orietta Da Rold and Marilena Maniaci
The Digipal Project for European Scripts and Decorations - Stewart Brookes and Peter A. Stokes and Matilda Watson and Debora Matos
Italian Giant Bibles: The Circulation and Use of the Book at the Time of the Ecclesiastical Reform in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries - Nadia Togni
Isolation or Network: Arengas and Colophon Verse in Frisian Manuscripts around 1300 - Rolf H. Bremmer
Writing the Germanic Languages: The Early History of the Digraphs th, ch and uu - Annina Seiler
The New Heathens: Anti-Jewish Hostility in Early English Literature - George Younge
Latin Composition in Medieval Norway - Aidan Conti
Translating Europe in Medieval Wales - Helen Fulton
Charms among the Chants: Verbal Magic in Medieval Bulgarian Manuscripts - Svetlana Tsonkova


[T]he essays provide a broad collection of works that convincingly argue for the interconnectedness of European manuscripts, language, writing, and the like. H-NET

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