Working Toward Freedom

Working Toward Freedom

Slave Society and Domestic Economy in the American South

Edited by Larry E. Hudson Jr.


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Timely essays addressing the people who were slaves rather than the institution that was slavery.
The opportunity for slaves to produce goods, for their own use or for sale, facilitated the development of a domestic economy largely independent of their masters and the wider white community. Drawing from a range of primary sources, In their efforts to protect the integrity of their families they became primary actors in their preparation for freedom. Selected and revised for publication, this collection of essays stems from the University of Rochester conference, "African-American Work and Culture in the 18th and 19th Centuries."

Contributors: Josephine A. Beoku Betts, Kenneth L. Brown, John Campbell, Cheryll Ann Cody, Mary Beth Corrigan, Stanley, L. Engerman, Sharon Ann Holt, Larry E. Hudson Jr, Robert Olwell, Lorena S. Walsh

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Important historiographically as it consolidates the shift in slavery literature towards the study of slaves rather than of slavery. Its value is also increased by the employment of innovative new source materials and approaches. --AMERICAN STUDIES

For anyone who wants a sense of what is going on now among younger scholars of slavery and where slavery studies are evidently headed. --AGRICULTURAL HISTORY (US)

A variety of fresh perspectives on what has clearly become an essential debate among historians of slavery - the question of economic life in the slave quarters. --JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN HISTORY

Research into the role that market integration played in the structure of the slave community - raising important questions and pointing the way to further research. --SOUTHERN CULTURES