Women's Land Rights and Privatization in Eastern Africa

November 2008
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192 pages
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Eastern Africa Series
ISBN: 9781847016119
Format: Hardback
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James Currey

Women's Land Rights and Privatization in Eastern Africa

Elizabeth Daley

Edited by Birgit Englert

In the context of increasing privatization and land reform these case studies reveal how reforms impact on women's rights to land and how these rights are contested or upheld.
This volume focuses on the impact on women's land rights from the contemporary drive towards the formulation and implementation of land tenure reforms which aim primarily at the private registration of land. It is solidly grounded in the findings from seven case studies, all based on in-depth qualitative research, from various regions of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The detailed, local level research in this volume not only challenges the status quo, but demonstrates that another world is possible and documents the many ways women in Eastern Africa are finding to ensure their rights to land.
BIRGIT ENGLERT is Assistant Professor in the Department of African Studies at the University of Vienna, Austria; ELIZABETH DALEY is an independent land consultant.
Uganda: Fountain Publishers(PB); Kenya: EAEP(PB); Tanzania: E&D Vision Publishing(PB)

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Table of Contents

Foreword - Robin Palmer
Introduction: Women's land rights & privatization - Birgit Englert and Elizabeth Daley
Breathing life into dead theories about property rights in rural Africa: lessons from Kenya - Celestine Nyamu Musembi
'Go home & clear the conflict': human rights perspectives on gender & land in Tanzania - Ingunn Ikdahl
Gender, uenyeji, wealth, confidence & land in Kinyanambo: the impact of commoditization, rural-urban change & land registration on women's land rights in Mufindi District, Tanzania - Elizabeth Daley
Changing land rights & gendered discourses: examples from the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania - Birgit Englert
Falling between two stools: how women's rights to land are lost between state law & customary law in Apac District, Northern Uganda - Judy Adoko and Simon Levine
Struggling with in-laws & corruption in Kombewa Division, Kenya: the impact of HIV/AIDS on widows' & orphans' land rights - Samwel Ong'wen Okuro
Women & land arrangements in Rwanda: a gender-based analysis of access to natural resources - An Ansoms and Nathalie Holvoet
Afterword: securing women's land rights


An important study of the intertwined relationships among privatization, gender relations, and women's land rights in Eastern Africa. AFRICAN STUDIES REVIEW

A highly recommendable book for review and critical reflection by those wishing to understand and contribute to present and future efforts in pursuit of gender equality in eastern Africa. [...] A well- researched and progressive exploration of a pressing global issue that captures the geographical and sociological variation of the topic at hand. PAMBAZUKA NEWS
The fact that nuanced gendered arguments hold central sway in these contributions makes the book all the more important and unique, as 'gender' is a theme increasingly suffering from mainstreaming fatigue and dilution. [...] The detail on policy content and delivery of contextual specificities is, however, unprecedented. The book will therefore provide an invaluable advocacy resource for NGOs and networks looking to consider seriously men and women of all ages in a land rights policy initiative, an activity that will only expand given the rising importance of rural-urban migration and climate change, particularly in East Africa. DEVELOPMENT POLICY REVIEW
This is an exciting new collection from an impressive generation of young scholars. Their focus on Eastern Africa makes great sense, geographically, historically and thematically, for the countries discussed in this volume have all undergone similar land reform and privatization processes in recent years - Robin Palmer

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