Women Medical Doctors in the United States before the Civil War

November 2016
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Women Medical Doctors in the United States before the Civil War

A Biographical Dictionary

Edward C. Atwater

An invaluable reference work chronicling the lives of over 200 women who received medical degrees in the United States before the Civil War.
This groundbreaking reference work contains brief biographical articles for over two hundred women, most of them little known, who graduated from schools of medicine in the United States before the Civil War. The volume includes an introductory essay examining the social and religious backgrounds of the women graduates, as well as their motivations for becoming physicians and their varying degrees of success as practitioners. In addition, the essay offers information on what physician training and practice were like during the period, as well as on the need for reform that provided a setting for women's entry into the profession. The biographical entries are supplemented by a chronological table of female medical graduates and a geographical table indicating the places in which they practiced.

Edward C. Atwater is emeritus professor of medicine and the history of medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine.

Table of Contents

The Excellent Miss Blackwell
Biographical Dictionary of 222 Graduates
Appendix A: Chronological List of Graduates and the Schools They Attended
Appendix B: Medical Graduates of the American Hydropathic Institute, 1851 and 1852
Appendix C: Pre-Civil War Women Medical Doctors Mentioned in Books and Biographical Dictionaries
Appdenix D: Principal Locations in Which the Earliest Woman Medical Graduates Served Professionally
Lists Showing Career Choices and Accomplishments of the Graduates
General Bibliography
Index of Names

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