We Will Control All That You Hear

We Will Control All That You Hear

The Outer Limits and the Aural Imagination

Reba Wissner


Pendragon Press



From 1963-1965, The Outer Limits, an anthology television show co-created by Joseph Stefano and Leslie Stevens, was broadcast on ABC. Through the use of unconventional and newly invented instruments and household objects to produce unique sounds, the show not only looked different from most television of the time, but it sounded different as well. We Will Control All That You Will Hear: The Outer Limits and the Aural Imagination, discusses the use of music within the series, offering multiple readings of the ways that music is used. This book focuses not only on the ways that newly composed scores and stock music were utilized in the series, but also how the music enhances and interacts with what we see and hear onscreen.

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August 2016
280 pages
9x6 in
Music and Media
ISBN: 9781576472538
Format: Paperback
Pendragon Press
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A significant entry to genre film music studies as well as being a welcome read for the film score fan. MUSIQUE FANTASTIQUE

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