Violence in Nigeria

Violence in Nigeria

The Crisis of Religious Politics and Secular Ideologies

Toyin Falola


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A comprehensive study of religious violence and aggression in Nigeria, notably its causes, consequences, and the options for conflict resolution.
Violence in Nigeria is the most comprehensive study of religious violence and aggression in Nigeria, notably its causes, consequences, and the options for conflict resolution. After an analysis of the links between religion and politics, the book elaborates on all the major cases of violence in the 1980s and 90s, including the Maitatsine, Kano, Bauchi, Kaduna, and Katsina riots. Zones of religious tensions are identified, as well as general characteristics of violence in Nigeria; and issues in inter and intra-religious relations, relious organizations, and the states, and the main actors in the conflicts are explored in great detail. A product of extensive primary research, Violence in Nigeria makes a contribution to contemporary social and political history that no previous study has attempted, and it is written to appeal to specialists and non-specialists alike.

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Table of Contents

The Context: Islam, Christianity, and Interreligious Relations
The Context: The Nigerian State in Historical Perspective
Religion and the State: A Theocracy in a Muslim World?
Religious Leadership and Agencies of Mobilization
A Reign of Terror: Violence in Northern Cities, 1980-1985
A Decade of Clashes: Muslim-Christian Relations in the 1980s
"The Age of Warfare": Violence and Conflicts in the 1990s
Islam Against Islam
The War of Words: Hate Literature and Verbal Violence
Conflict Management: Strategies and Options


The examination of the relationship between religion and ethnic nationalism is significant. A product of extensive research, Violence in Nigeria makes a contribution to social and political history, contested values, and the future of nationhood. CHOICE, Feb. 99, Vol 36, No. 6

The book is impressively multi-disciplinary, combining methodologies and theories from history, political science, religious studies, public policy and sociology. It is a welcome addition to scholarship on post-colonial politics and religions in Africa. AF. ECONOMIC HISTORY No. 26

A splendid achievement. Meticulously researched and perceptive, written with elegance and clarity, painstakingly balanced almost to a fault, controversial and disturbing, though surprisingly exhilarating and engrossing. . . it should be in every library interested in the intersections of religions and politics in the modern world. INT'L J. OF AF. STUDIES

Falola. . . is a distinguished Nigerian historian who has indeed written a timely and a very absorbing book. AHR 2001

Falola has done a commendable job in sifting through the information and presenting it in a thoroughly readable form. RELIGIOUS STUDIES REVIEW 2005

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