Victorian Churches and Churchmen

November 2005
1 black and white illustrations
406 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Catholic Record Society: Monograph Series
ISBN: 9780902832220
Format: Hardback
Catholic Record Society

Victorian Churches and Churchmen

Essays Presented to Vincent Alan McClelland

Edited by Sheridan Gilley

Articles on religion and the religious during the Victorian period, showing its unity and disunity.
The major themes of Catholic historiography and the history of education during the Victorian era unite the essays collected here, as is fitting for a volume honouring the work in these fields of Professor Vincent Alan McClelland. There is a particular emphasis upon the life and work of Cardinal Manning; other figures and topics considered include Father Randal Lythgoe, Cardinal Newman, the English Benedictine contribution to the British Empire, modern Scottish Catholic history, and Victorian Christianity in its various forms, as in the essays on Methodism and the Church of Ireland.

Table of Contents

Cardinal Manning and his Political Persona: the Education Act of 1870 - Jeffrey von Arx
Henry Edward Manning, Priscilla Maurice, and the Pastoral Care of the Sick - Peter Erb
The Cardinal and the Penitent: Cardinal Manning and Virginia Crawford - Robin Gard
Henry O'Callaghan: Manning's Reluctant Episcopal Protégé - Leo Gooch
'Education and Correct Conduct': Randal Lythgoe and the Work of the Society of Jesus in Early Victorian England and Wales - Maurice Whitehead
The English Benedictines and the British Empire - Aidan Bellenger
Varieties of Modern Scottish Conservatism - B A Aspinwall
The Myth and Reality of Sr. Barbara Ubryk, the Imprisoned Nun of Cracow: English Interpretations of a Victorian English ControversyControversy - Rene Kollar, OSB,
Bernard Ward: Edmundian and Historian - S Foster
Tradition and Conversion in English Literature - Joseph Pearce
Newman's Idea of a University, 'The Circle of Sciences' and the Constitution of the Church - Wulstan Peterburs, OSB,
Thomas Arnold: A Bicentenary Appraisal - David Newsome
Tractarians and National Education - James Pereiro
The Reverend Canon Henry Kingsmill Moore D.D., Ball. Coll. Oxon. FLS., and Church of Ireland Education, 1880-1927 - Susan M. Parkes
'Scott's Folly' - John Scott and the Development of the Wesleyan Educational System - John Smith
Anglicanism 'Represented' or 'Misrepresented'? The Oxford Movement, Evangelicalism, and History: The Controversial Use of the Caroline Divines in the Victorian Church of Englandthe Caroline Divines in the Victorian Church of England - Peter B Nockles


Well researched and well written. CATHOLIC HISTORICAL REVIEW
There will be many who will want to possess this volume, not least in honour of the one for whom it was written. Furthermore, they will be delighted to discover a significant treasure trove of insight into the life of the Church in the nineteenth century. RECUSANT HISTORY

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