Valois Guyenne

Valois Guyenne

A Study of Politics, Government and Society in Late Medieval France

Robin Harris


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Lancastrian Gascony is transformed into Valois Guyenne after the Hundred Years War.
At the end of the Hundred Years War in 1453, France's Valois government faced the urgent task of securing the exposed former English province of Gascony. Robin Harris draws on central and local sources to identify its methods, and in doing so casts new light on how France was governed between the end of the Hundred Years War and the beginning of the Italian Wars. The study shows that although fear of the King's wrath inhibited real conspiracy and rebellion, there was a limit on the royal government's effective control. The great noble houses of the region had to be rewarded with patronage and pensions, and this complicated network of terror and rewards, overlaid with a conservative administrative-judicial system, made the Valois government in some measure the victim of its own success: the greater the stability the fewer the opportunities for binding the powerful by redistributing the confiscated possessions of the rebellious. Dr Harris argues that it took Charles VIII's launching in 1494 of his great and fateful Italian venture, with accompanying opportunities for patronage and prestige, finally to secure Guyenne, and to re-establish control over France.

Dr ROBIN HARRIS read modern history at Exeter College, Oxford.


November 1994
4 line illustrations
237 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Royal Historical Society Studies in History
ISBN: 9780861932269
Format: Hardback
Royal Historical Society
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His major theme is continuity with the past and the limitations imposed by that past upon the new French government's freedom of action... the analysis of government, finance and justice is well done... an important lacuna in the history of south-west France has now been filled. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW
He has exploited a remarkably wide range of important archival sources, administrative, judicial, urban and aristocratic, for this study of the French province of Guyenne during the forty years after the French conquest of Gascony in 1451-3, and provides a fascinating case study of the processes whereby very disparate provinces were integrated into the French kingdom in the second half of the fifteenth century. HISTORY

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