University of Rochester Press Editorial and Production Timeline

Step 1: Submit a Proposal

  • Complete URP proposal form and submit electronically along with your current CV and a preliminary table of contents.
  • If your proposal is of interest to the press, you’ll be asked to submit 3 hard copies of your complete manuscript for evaluation by external readers. Evaluation generally takes 2 to 4 months, but can vary depending on the readers.
  • The anonymous reader reports will be sent to you by the editorial director. If the reports are positive, you’ll be asked to write a formal response to the readers’ comments, outlining your plans for revision in light of these comments.
  • Assuming your response and plans for revision are acceptable to the press, your project will be proposed formally to the URP editorial board for a vote. You will be informed in approximately 3 to 4 weeks of the outcome of that vote.
  • If the reader reports are mixed, or indicate the need for substantive revision, you may be asked to revise your manuscript so that we may send it out for further evaluation. Pending the outcome of this evaluation, you may again be asked to compose a response to the reader report, and the proposal will then in most cases be sent to the URP editorial board for a vote.

Step 2: Approval of Project

  • If the board votes to approve your project, you will be offered a contract immediately; you will receive your contract within a week or two of notification that your proposal has been approved.
  • At the time the contract is issued, you and the editorial director will decide on a date of delivery for your manuscript and all illustrative materials and permissions documentation to URP. You will be sent a packet of guidelines and style sheets to help you prepare your materials for delivery.

Step 3: Delivery of Final Manuscript

  • Once you deliver your final manuscript and related materials to the press, you can expect them to be sent to copyediting within 2 to 4 weeks, unless we are missing any parts of your project or a number of permissions are still outstanding, in which case the managing editor will contact you.

Step 4: Marketing Brief

  • After the manuscript enters copyediting, the managing editor will send you a marketing questionnaire and ask that it be completed and returned to the press within 2 to 3 weeks. You may also be asked to suggest illustrations for the cover of your book, as well as the names of individuals to provide praise quotes at this time.

Step 5: Copyediting

  • Professional copyediting takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks. You’ll receive a printed copy of the edited version of your manuscript from the managing editor, along with any copyeditor queries, for your review and response.
  • You will generally have 3 to 4 weeks to carefully review and respond to the copyeditor’s work and return your marked-up manuscript to the managing editor.
  • Your responses to the copyeditor’s work and queries will be integrated, usually by an in-house editor, and handed off to our production department.

Step 6: Typesetting/Composition

  • Book composition takes approximately 4 weeks. A production schedule will accompany your first set of proofs. You will have 3 to 4 weeks to review the first set of proofs. Mark any minor corrections directly on the proofs in red pen and return to the production editor.
  • The cover for your book will be designed at the same time your text is being typeset. You will receive a pdf file via email for text approval.
  • In approximately 2 weeks, you’ll receive your final set of typeset page proofs, which you’ll use to create your index. You’ll be given 3 to 4 weeks to create your index and submit electronically to the press.
  • Your index will be typeset, and your project will then advance to the printer.

Step 7: Final Book

  • You can expect to receive your first author presentation copy approximately two weeks prior to your book’s publication date. 

Congratulations, and thank you for choosing to bring your project to the University of Rochester Press.