Unrepentant Tory

Unrepentant Tory

Political Selections from the Diaries of the Fourth Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, 1827-38

Edited by Richard A. Gaunt


Boydell Press



Nineteenth-century diaries cast new light on politics of the time.
The diaries of the fourth duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne [1785-1851] provide an unrivalled insight into the politics of the 'age of reform', during the late-1820s and 1830s, from the perspective of a prominent political critic. Newcastle was a well known defender of the constitutional status quo and used his position in the house of lords, his family's historic electoral influence and personal contacts with the leading royal and political figures of the day to argue the case against change. He was also a leading participant in ultra-tory parliamentary groups such as the 'king's friends' and the 'country party'. His diaries offer not just invaluable detail on these activities, but also a vivid personal testimony of Newcastle's political creed, and cast important light on the hopes, fears and strategies of those who resisted 'the triumph of reform' during these years.
This edition reproduces the political content of the diaries and Newcastle's published letters to the press for the period 1827-38; it is accompanied with an extensive introduction placing the diaries in their historical context, and other apparatus.


August 2006
5 black and white, 2 line illustrations
446 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Parliamentary History Record Series
ISBN: 9781843832669
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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Table of Contents

The Newcastle diaries - genealogical context - Richard Gaunt
The nature of the diaries - Richard Gaunt
Newcastle, the ultra-tories and the defence of the `confessional state' - Richard Gaunt
Concluding assessment - Richard Gaunt
The manuscript - Richard Gaunt
Editorial conventions of transcription - Richard Gaunt
The diaries 1827-1838 - Richard Gaunt
Appendix A: Newcastle's published letters to the press - Richard Gaunt
Appendix B: Newcastle's movements - Richard Gaunt
Biographical appendix - Richard Gaunt


This publication is to be most warmly welcomed as a significant addition to the wealth of monographs and printed political diaries available for the period 1827 to 1838, popularly known as the 'triumph of reform'. PARLIAMENTS, ESTATES AND REPRESENTATION
A valuable record, carefully selected with an extensive introduction. NORTHERN HISTORY

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