Troubadour Poems from the South of France

October 2007
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292 pages
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Troubadour Poems from the South of France

Translated by William D. Paden, Frances Freeman Paden

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Modern English translations of a wide selection of troubadour poems.
The poetry of the troubadours was famous throughout the middle ages, but the difficulty and diversity of the original languages have been obstacles to its appreciation by a wider audience. This collection aims to redress the situation, presenting English verse translations in contemporary idiom and a highly readable form. It includes some 125 poems, with a strong representation of those composed by women, and goes beyond traditional limits in time to feature a sampling of the earliest texts in the Occitan language, written in the tenth and eleventh centuries, and later works from the early fourteenth. Though most poems translated in the book were written in Occitan, the vernacular of southern France, there are also a few translations of poems written in the same place and time but in other languages, including Latin, Hebrew, Norse, Catalan, and Italian. Genres include love songs, satires, invectives, pastourelles, debates, laments, and religious songs.

A comprehensive introduction places the troubadours in their historical context and traces the development of their art; headnotes introduce each poet, and the book ends with a bibliography and suggestions for further reading.
WILLIAM D. PADEN is a Professor of French and Italian at Northwestern University, and was recently named a Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques. FRANCES FREEMAN PADEN is a Distinguished Senior Lecturer in The Writing Program and Gender Studies, also at Northwestern University.

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Table of Contents

Before the Troubadours [950-1100 A.D.]
Spring [1100-1150]
Summer [1150-1200]
Fall [1200-1250]
Winter [1250-1300]
Aftermath [1300-1350]
Sources for the Texts and Lives of the Troubadours
Works Cited
Suggestions for Further Reading
Index of First Lines
Index of Authors
Index of Terms


The Padens offer the general readership, but specialists as well, a work of obvious passion for the troubadours. [They] are to be commended for helping introduce the original troubadours to modern audiences in this most charming and satisfying work. ENCOMIA

A wonderful survey of the regions and cultures comprising that section of France where the langue d'oc was the language of poetry. H-FRANCE REVIEW

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