Travels in Scotland, 1788-1881

May 2012
42 black and white, 1 line illustrations
266 pages
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ISBN: 9780906245309
Format: Hardback
Scottish History Society
BISAC BIO026000, HIS015000

Travels in Scotland, 1788-1881

A Selection from Contemporary Tourist Journals

Edited by Alastair J. Durie

Journals from early "tourists" in Scotland provide a vivid record of the joys (and otherwise) of travel.
Tourist travelling changed remarkably between 1780 and 1880, and the six accounts collected here help us to see how and why. Whether by a well-off and intrepid lady, a self-important youth, a young man and his parents, or an overweight middle-aged lawyer, what they have in common is a relish for the pleasures of discovery, of holidaymaking, of finding a Scotland for themselves. The writers travel, they see, they listen (some more than others), enjoy good weather (and endure the frequently bad), take in the scenery and sights, and talk with other visitors and locals. Theirs are intimate voices - they were writing for themselves, or friends or family, not for the public - but as we eavesdrop on them a larger picture unfolds. Travelling conditions vary: the first account shows to a world of elite travel, the private coach, and the privileges enjoyed by the well-heeled, while the last is the homely and charming description of a one-week holiday taken with relatives in the country. In between comes the new world of travel: the steamer, the railway and the guidebook.
A general preface by the editor sets these pieces in their historical and social context, and a selection of photographs and sketches drawn from two of the accounts complements these hitherto unpublished visitors' narratives.

Alastair J. Durie is Teaching Fellow at the University of Scotland and Associate Lecturer at the Open University.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Tourist Travels in Scotland
Elizabeth Diggle: Journal of a Tour from London to the Highlands of Scotland, 19 April to 7 August 1788
Adam Bald: Journal of Travels and Commonplace Book, 1790-99
Anon: Tours to the Highlands, 1817 and 1818
Thomas Adam: Journal of an Excursion to Loch Maree, 24 June to 13 July 1857
Henry Underhill: Tour in Scotland, Autumn 1868
Mary Allison: "Uncle and Aunt's Trip to Butterbridge", July 1881



A valuable collection. . Evocative descriptions of famous, infamous and little known places will interest readers of all backgrounds. HISTORY SCOTLAND

Delightful little-known accounts[...]The Scottish History Society and the editor are to be congratulated. THE SCOTTISH GENEALOGIST

The editor gives a good overview of early tourist travel to Scotland [and] highlights the value of each journal. COUNTRY LIFE

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