Towards a Poetics of Music and the Arts

Towards a Poetics of Music and the Arts

Selected Thoughts and Aphorisms with Works with Music by Ana Maria Pacheco

Christopher Wintle

Edited by Julian Littlewood


Plumbago Books



Our specialist times, with everyone confined to their own discipline, have left little room for the age-old view that, however transmuted, the issues of art and life belong together, or that, for all their differences, the arts have shared concerns: yet realism demands just such an outlook. This book offers an informal attempt to re-open closed borders by the established writer on music, Christopher Wintle. Through a host of aphorisms and thoughts it first probes people, politics, learning and the Gods. It then sketches out a Poetics in terms of style and idea, artists, critics, theory, performers, ethics, opera, sculpture, cinema and sport, before ending with a pair of Urban Fables. The volume includes a collection of Works with Music by the well-known Brazilian artist Ana Maria Pacheco.


July 2005
72 pages
24.4x17.2 cm
ISBN: 9780954012397
Format: Paperback
Plumbago Books
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[Reviewed together with 'Metapoetics'] [T]hese two short books by the distinguished music critic Christopher Wintle [...] seek to revive criticism as a means of thought and not just as a source of judgements and information. [...] What is more, he writes too well to speak only to musicians. [...] We have the example of a thinker for whom all the arts belong together and shed light on each other, something rare in criticism since Goethe and Ruskin pursued their idea of art wherever it led them. CAMBRIDGE QUARTERLY

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