Tome: Studies in Medieval Celtic History and Law in Honour of Thomas Charles-Edwards

July 2011
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258 pages
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Studies in Celtic History
ISBN: 9781843836612
Format: Hardback
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Tome: Studies in Medieval Celtic History and Law in Honour of Thomas Charles-Edwards

Edited by Fiona Edmonds, Paul Russell

Significant contributions on Celtic history, law, archaeology and literature.
Thomas Charles-Edwards, the distinguished scholar of medieval Britain and Ireland, has made important contributions to a number of fields, but is particularly renowned for his studies in Celtic history and law. In this volume, colleagues pay tribute to his work with essays that range across the medieval Celtic world, including medieval Wales, Ireland and Scotland. In the first part of the volume, they cover historical aspects (and, as is fitting, often reflect the honorand's interest in archaeology and epigraphy); in the second, they focus on medieval Irish and Welsh legal institutions and texts, which are used by some to inform new readings of literary texts.

Contributors: Susan Youngs, Clare Stancliffe, Catherine Swift, David N. Dumville, Elizabeth O'Brien, Edel Bhreathnach, Oliver Padel, Nancy Edwards, Thomas Owen Clancy, Marie Therese Flanagan, Huw Pryce, Roy Flechner, Robin Chapman Stacey, Wendy Davies, Sara Elin Roberts, Fergus Kelly, Bronagh Ní Chonaill, Charlene Eska, Elva Johnston, Máire Ní Mhaonaigh, Maredudd ap Huw.

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Table of Contents

Preface - Fiona Edmonds and Paul Russell
Cloud-Cuckoo Land? Some Christian Symbols from Post-Roman Britain - Susan Youngs
Columbanus's Monasticism and the Sources of his Inspiration: from Basil to the Master? - Clare Stancliffe
Early Irish Priests within their Own Localities - Catherine Swift
Political Organisation in Dál Riata - David N. Dumville
Irish Boundary Ferta, their Physical Manifestation and Historical Context - Elizabeth O'Brien and Edel Bhreathnach
Asser's Parochia of Exeter - Oliver Padel
Viking-Age Sculpture in North-West Wales: Wealth, Power, Patronage and the Christian Landscape - Nancy Edwards
Iona v. Kells: Succession, Jurisdiction and Politics in the Columban Familia in the Later Tenth Century - Thomas O Clancy
A Twelfth-Century Indulgence Granted by an Irish Bishop at Bath Priory - Marie Therese Flanagan
Gerald of Wales, Gildas, and the Descriptio Kambriae - Huw Pryce
Patrick's Reasons for Leaving Britain - Roy Flechner
Learning Law in Medieval Ireland - Robin C. Stacey
Holding Court: Judicial Presidency in Brittany, Wales and Northern Iberia in the Early Middle Ages - Wendy Davies
The Iorwerth Triads - Sara Elin Roberts
The Recovery of Stolen Property: Notes on Legal Procedure in Gaelic Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man - Fergus Kelly
Contentious Kinship: the Penumbra of Established Kinship in Medieval Irish Law - Bronagh Ní Chonaill
Marriage by Purchase in Early Irish Law - Charlene Eska
Kingship Made Real? Power and the Public World in Longes Mac nUislenn - Elva Johnston
Mongán's Metamorphosis: Compert Mongáin ocus Serce Duibe Lacha do Mongán, a Later Mongán Tale - Maire Ni Mhaonaigh
Bibliography of the Writings of Thomas Charles-Edwards - Maredudd Ap Huw


Each chapter is the product of fresh research and scholarly precision....The editors and authors of Tome can be congratulated on an important contribution to the fields of Celtic and Medieval studies. STUDIA HIBERNICA

Each of the chapters is a noteworthy contribution in the field. CAMBRIAN MEDIEVAL CELTIC STUDIES

A feast of learning. NORTHERN HISTORY

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