Thirteenth Century England XIV

April 2013
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Thirteenth Century England
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Thirteenth Century England XIV

Proceedings of the Aberystwyth and Lampeter Conference, 2011

Edited by Janet Burton, Phillipp Schofield, Björn Weiler

Fruits of the most recent research on the thirteenth century in both England and Europe.
The articles collected here reflect the continued and wide interest in England and its neighbours in the years between Magna Carta and the Black Death, with many of them particularly seeking to set England in its European context. There are three main strands to the volume. The first is the social dimension of power, and the norms and practice of politics: attention is drawn to the variety of roles open to members of the clergy, but also peasants and townsmen, and the populace at large. Several chapters explore the manifestations and instruments of social identity, such as the seals used by the leading elites of thirteenth-century London, and the marriage practices of the English aristocracy. The third main focus is the uses of the past. Matthew Paris, the most famous chronicler of the period, receives due attention, in particular his changing attitude towards the monarch, but the Vita Edwardi Secundi's portrayal of Thomas of Lancaster and the Anglo-Norman Prose Brut are also considered.

Janet Burton is Professor of Medieval History at University of Wales: Trinity Saint David; Phillipp Schofield is Professor of Medieval History at Aberystwyth University; Björn Weiler is Professor of History at Aberystwyth University.

Contributors: J.R. Maddicott, Phillipp Schofield, Harmony Dewez, John McEwan, Jörg Peltzer, Karen Stöber, Olga Cecilia Méndez González, Sophie Ambler, Joe Creamer, Lars Kjær, Andrew Spencer, Julia Marvin, Olivier de Laborderie

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Table of Contents

Politics and the People in Thirteenth-Century England - John R. Maddicott
Peasants, Litigation and Agency in Medieval England: the Development of Law in Manorial Courts in the late Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries - Phillipp Schofield
Medieval Accounting Memoranda from Norwich Cathedral Priory - Harmony Dewez
The Seals of London's Governing Elite in the Thirteenth Century -
The Marriages of the English Earls in the Thirteenth Century: a Social Perspective - Jörg Peltzer
Monks and Politics in Thirteenth-Century Wales and Catalonia - Karen Stöber
Lope Fernández, bishop of Morocco: his Diplomatic Role in the Planning of an Anglo-Castilian Crusade into Northern Africa - Olga Mendez-Gonzalez
On Kingship and Tyranny: Grosseteste's Memorandum and its Place in the Baronial Reform Movement - Sophie Ambler
St. Edmund of Canterbury and Henry III in the Shadow of Thomas Becket - Joseph Creamer
Matthew Paris and the Royal Christmas: Ritualised Communication in Text and Practice - Lars Kjaer
Thomas of Lancaster in the Vita Edwardi Secundi: a Study in Disillusionment - Andrew Spencer
John and Henry III in the Anglo-Norman Prose Brut - Julia Marvin
Genealogiae orbiculatae: Matthew Paris and the Invention of Visual Abstracts of English History - Olivier de Laborderie
The Genealogical Chronicles of Matthew Paris: Edition - Olivier de Laborderie

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