Thirteenth Century England XIII

April 2011
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Thirteenth Century England
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Thirteenth Century England XIII

Proceedings of the Paris Conference, 2009

Edited by Janet Burton, Frédérique Lachaud, Phillipp Schofield

Essays reflecting the most recent research on the thirteenth century, with a timely focus on the Treaty of Paris.
Additional editors: Karen Stöber, Björn Weiler

The articles collected here bear witness to the continued and wide interest in England and its neighbours in the "long" thirteenth century. The volume includes papers on the high politics of the thirteenth century, international relations, the administrative and governmental structures of medieval England and aspects of the wider societal and political context of the period. A particular theme of the papers is Anglo-French political history, and especially the ways in which that relationship was reflected in the diplomatic and dynastic arrangements associated with the Treaty of Paris, the 750th anniversary of which fell during 2009, a fact celebrated in this collection of essays and the Paris conference at which the original papers were first delivered.

Contributors: Caroline Burt, Julie E. Kanter, Julia Barrow, Benjamin L. Wild, William Marx, Caroline Dunn, Adrian Jobson, Adrian R. Bell, Chris Brooks, Tony K. Moore, David A. Trotter, William Chester Jordan, Daniel Power, Florent Lenègre

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Table of Contents

Political Ideas and Dialogue in England in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries - Caroline Burt
Peripatetic and Sedentary Kingship: The Itineraries of John and Henry III - Julie E. Kanter
Peter of Aigueblanche's Support Network - Julia Barrow
A Captive King: Henry III between the Battles of Lewes and Evesham, 1264-5 - Benjamin L. Wild
The Conflictus inter Deum et Diabolum and the Emergence of the Literature of Law in Thirteenth-Century England - C. William Marx
Prosecuting Ravishment in Thirteenth-Century England - Caroline Dunn
John of Crakehall: the "forgotten" baronial treasurer, 1258-60 - Adrian L Jobson
Credit Finance in Thirteenth-Century England: the Ricciardi of Lucca and Edward I, 1272-1294 - Adrian R. Bell and Chris Brooks and Tony K. Moore
[Socio]linguistic Realities of Cross-Channel Communications in the Thirteenth Century - D A Trotter
The Priory of Deerhurst and the Treaty of Paris [1259] - William Chester Jordan
The Treaty of Paris [1259] and the aristocracy of England and Normandy - Daniel Power
Les traités de Paris des 22 et 23 octobre 1295: la fin d'un système politique nordique ou de l'intérêt de l'alliance norvégienne - Florent Lenègre

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