Thirteenth Century England X

Thirteenth Century England X

Proceedings of the Durham Conference, 2003

Edited by Michael Prestwich, Richard Britnell, Robin Frame


Boydell Press



Aspects of the political, social, cultural, economic and ecclesiastical history of medieval England re-examined.
This collection presents new and original research into the long thirteenth century, from c.1180-c.1330, with a particular focus on the reign of Edward II and its aftermath. Other topics examined include crown finances, markets and fairs, royal stewards, the aftermath of the Barons' War, Wace's Roman de Brut, and authority in Yorkshire nunneries; and the volume also follows the tradition of the series by looking beyond England, with contributions on the role of Joan, wife of Llywelyn the Great in Anglo-Welsh relations, Dublin, and English landholding in Ireland, while the continental connection is represented by a comparison of aspects of English and French kingship.

Contributors: David Carpenter, Nick Barratt, Emilia Jamroziak, Michael Ray, Susan Stewart, Louise J. Wilkinson, Sean Duffy, Beth Hartland, Francoise Le Saux, Henry Summerson, Janet Burton, H.S.A. Fox, David Crook, Margo Todd, Seymour Phillips

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April 2005
1 colour, 7 line illustrations
240 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Thirteenth Century England
ISBN: 9781843831228
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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Table of Contents

The Meetings of Kings Henry III and Louis IX - David Carpenter
Counting the Cost: The Financial Implications of the Loss of Normandy - Nick Barratt
Networks of Markets and Networks of Patronage in Thirteenth- Century England - Emilia Jamroziak
Three Alien Royal Stewards in Thirteenth-Century England: The Careers and Legacy of Matthias Bezill, Imbert Pugeys and Peter de ChampventChampvent - Michael Ray
The Eyre de terris datis, 1267-1272 - Susan Stewart
Joan, Wife of Llywelyn the Great - Louise J. Wilkinson
Town and Crown: The Kings of England and their City of Dublin - Sean Duffy
English Landholding in Ireland - Beth Hartland
The Reception of the Matter of Britain in Thirteenth-Century England: a Study of Some Anglo-Norman Manuscripts of Wace's Roman de BrutRoman de Brut - Francoise H M Le Saux
Fearing God, Honouring the King: The Career of Robert de Chaury, Bishop of Carlisle, 1267-1278 - Henry Summerson
Cloistered Women and Male Authority: Power and Authority in Yorkshire Nunneries in the Later Middle Ages - Janet Burton
Taxation and Settlement in Medieval Devon - H S A Fox
Clipstone Peel: Fortification and Politics from Bannockburn to the Treaty of Leake, 1314-1318 - David Crook
Royal Patronage and Political Allegiance: The Household Knights of Edward II, 1314-1321 - Margo Todd
`Edward II' in Italy: English and Welsh Political Exiles and Fugitives in Continental Europe, 1322-1364 - Seymour Phillips


Specialists in various aspects of the history of thirteenth century England will be grateful for the excellent contributions contained in this fine volume. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW

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