The Worlds of the East India Company

This series aims to publish high-quality studies of the East India Company, drawn from across a broad chronological, geographical and thematic range. The rich history of the Company has long been of interest to those who engage in the study of Britain’s commercial, imperial, maritime, and military past, but in recent years it has also attracted considerable attention from those who explore art, cultural, and social themes within an historical context. The series will thus provide a forum for scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, and for those whose have interests in the history of Britain (London and the regions), India, China, Indonesia, as well as the seas and oceans.

Series Editor

Dr John McAleer
Department of History
University of Southampton
University Road
SO17 1BJ
[email protected]

Editorial Board

Andrew Cook (British Library)
Rajat Datta (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)
P. J. Marshall (King’s College, London)
Nigel Rigby (National Maritime Museum)

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