The Works of Thomas Traherne [complete set]

The Works of Thomas Traherne [complete set]

Edited by Jan Ross

not yet published

Thomas Traherne [1637? - 1674], a clergyman of the Church of England during the Restoration, was little known until the early twentieth century, when his poetry and Centuries of Meditations were discovered. There have been since miscellaneous publications of his poetry and devotional writings.
The Works of Thomas Traherne brings together all of Traherne's extant works in a definitive, printed edition for the first time. It will include both his published and unpublished works, including his notebooks, presenting them insofar as possible by manuscript, giving due attention to their physical aspects and to their integrity as manuscript books. The text of Traherne's works will be printed in seven volumes, with an eighth volume of commentary.
Vol. I: 'Inducements to Retirednes', 'A Sober View of Dr Twisses his Considerations', 'Seeds of Eternity or the Nature of the Soul', 'The Kingdom of God'
Vol II: 'Commentaries of Heaven', Pt I
Vol III: 'Commentaries of Heaven', Pt II
Vol IV: Church's Yearbook, A Serious and Pathetical Contemplation of the Mercies of GOD, [Meditations on the Creation]
Vol. V: Centuries of Meditations, Select Meditations
Vol. VI: Verse: from the Dobell Folio, Poems of Felicity, `The Ceremonial Law'
Vol. VII: Roman Forgeries, Christian Ethicks: or, Divine Morality
Vol. VIII: Commentary and Index Vol. IX: Notebooks (edited by Jacob Blevins)


The current series of volumes, the first half of a proposed eight-volume edition, consolidate a piecemeal rediscovery that adds up to one of the most fascinating literary detective stories of the past century. [...] Traherne's admirers inside and outside academe will be delighted that so much of his lesser-known work has been made so handsomely available. TLS

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