The Troubadour Tensos  and  Partimens

March 2010
1407 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9781843841975
Format: Hardback
BISAC LIT004150, POE022000, LIT011000

The Troubadour Tensos and Partimens

A Critical Edition

Ruth Harvey, Linda Paterson

A major contribution to knowledge of medieval Occitan literature.
Best known for their love-songs and invention of Courtly Love, the troubadours were also fascinated by debate. Like their contemporaries throughout the medieval world who sharpened their wit and intellect on scholastic disputations, the troubadours devised their entire, multifaceted lyric production on the basis of many forms of dialogue: intertextual debates, satirical challenges, self-questioning, mini-dramas. This debating process is nowhere more in evidence than in the troubadour tensos and partimens.
This three-volume critical edition makes available for the first time the massive corpus of 160 tensos and partimens involving real speakers. They supply a mine of new information on the medieval Occitan language, contemporary politics, courtly and judicial mores, and attitudes to gender, class, and ethnic stereotypes, often presenting a picture of courtly life, love and sexual relations very different from that of the better-known love-lyric.
The edition meets the highest standards of scholarly rigour: the notes and critical apparatus are as minimal as scholarly probity allows but always helpful and well-argued, taking due account of previous scholarship, and the translations clear, accurate and elegant. A cumulative index, bibliography and glossary aid access to these volumes which fill one of the last major gaps in our knowledge of medieval Occitan literature.

RUTH HARVEY is Professor of medieval Occitan literature at Royal Holloway, University of London; LINDA PATERSON is Professor Emerita of French at the University of Warwick. They were assisted by Anna Radaelli.

Table of Contents

Regions, Chronology, Forms
List of MSS
Index of Proper Names


This corpus offers English-language scholars a fount of material. The parallel format gives access to the original language and virtuoso poetics. [...] The apparatus contains helpful analysis of this originality or of the models imitated. The translations are impeccable prose renderings, and the notes support access to the themes and ambiguities presented. SPECULUM

A well-judged realization of the corpus of material. MEDIUM AEVUM

The appearance of the collected tensos and partimens of the troubadours is welcome. It will be possible, more readily than before, to engage in systematic research on these genres now that they are available in one publication, but also, in the case of many, in much improved editions. MEDIUM AEVUM, LXXX

Harvey and Paterson deserve tremendous praise and the thanks of Occitan scholars worldwide for this important contribution to the discipline. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW

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