The Triumph of Corporate Capitalism in France      1867-1914

November 1993
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152 pages
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ISBN: 9781878822222
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The Triumph of Corporate Capitalism in France 1867-1914

Charles E. Freedeman

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An account of the rapid spread of the corporate form of organisation in France after 1867.
This in-depth study by the late Charles Freedman is a logical and chronological sequel to his earlier Joint Stock Enterprise in France 1807-1867: From Privileged Company to Modern Corporation, which was widely acclaimed and is now regarded as the definitive work on the subject. In this new book Freedman describes the rapid spread of the corporate form of organisation after the law of 1867 allowing the establishment of corporations without government authorisation, and he details the ensuing debates over attempts to `reform' that law, both by making it more restrictive and more liberal. Consideration is also given to the controversies over the role of foreign investment in the French economy, the structure of the banking system and its role in domestic and industrial finance, and the growth of industrial concentration.

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A vital revision of long-held orthodoxies about French business. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW The breadth of evidence surveyed is impressive and the implications of Freedeman's findings for an understanding of capitalist development in France are substantial. BUSINESS HISTORY (US) A widely researched and cogently argued account of the law and practice which accompanied the emergence of the dominant form of modern business corporation, the societe anonyme... It also lays to rest several debates over the role of large scale and heavily capitalized corporations, especially banks, in the industrialization and modernization of the French economy. CANADIAN JOURNAL OF HISTORY