The Town Finances of Elizabethan Ipswich           Select Treasurers' and Chamberlains' Accounts

November 1996
7 black and white, 2 line illustrations
198 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Suffolk Records Society
ISBN: 9780851156439
Format: Hardback
Suffolk Records Society
Boydell Press

The Town Finances of Elizabethan Ipswich Select Treasurers' and Chamberlains' Accounts

Edited by John Webb

Selected treasurers' and chamberlains' accounts detailing the income and expenditure of a wealthy provincial town and port, and revealing urban life from travelling players to punishing criminals.
The treasurers' and chamberlains' accounts of Elizabethan Ipswich are a detailed record of the annual income and expenditure of the town's ruling body during one of the most fascinating periods of its history. A major source for any detailed study of the Suffolk borough at a time when it was among the country's ten richest provincial towns, the entries selected from the accounts not only shed light on sixteenth-century urban administration but also provide vivid insights into the social and economic life of the period: the equipping of soldiers, ducking of scolds, and performances of town minstrels and itinerant players.JOHN WEBB was formerly Principal Lecturer in History at Portsmouth Polytechnic.


Ipswich was one of the leading provincial towns of Elizabethan England, so these detailed accounts suppy a valuable insight into the life and government of a manor urban community.. Full of significant detail for both those interested in the local history of the town and for a wider readership, primarily composed of those concerned with social matters. HISTORYDetailed and provoking views of the 'social edge' of Elizabethan Ipswich make this well-edited collection of fiscal documents a valuable asset for both social and economic historians alike. ARCHIVES

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