The Study of the Bayeux Tapestry

May 1997
27 black and white, 4 line illustrations
230 pages
24.4x17.2 cm
ISBN: 9780851156644
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press

The Study of the Bayeux Tapestry

Edited by Richard Gameson

Key articles on the Bayeux tapestry collected in one volume, providing a comprehensive companion to its study.
This volume presents a selection from the classic literature on the tapestry, providing a comprehensive companion to its study. The articles have been carefully chosen in order to provide a strong, balanced coverage of most aspects of the tapestry; all the major themes — the material fabric of the artefact, its origin, its relation to other early sources, its visual language, the form and function of the inscriptions, the work's general meaning and purpose, and the way it was perceived — are discussed in authoritative contributions collected here. The volume also includes substantial new essays by the editor on studying the Bayeux tapestry, and on its origin, art, and message. Dr RICHARD GAMESONis Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Contributors: RICHARD GAMESON, CHARLES STOTHARD, EDWARD FREEMAN, W.R. LETHERBY, CHARLES PRENTOUT, SIMONE BERTRAND, RENÉLEPELLEY, C.R. DODWELL, N.P. BROOKS, H.E.J. COWDREY, H.E. WALKER, RICHARD BRILLIANT, SHIRLEY ANNE BROWN, MICHAEL HERREN
Keywords: Medieval History


This admirable collection of essays contains a well-chosen group of articles from the past two centuries devoted to the interpretation of the Bayeux Tapestry... As a general editor who has selected well and guided astutely, and as an original contributor with a well-founded and persuasive opinion on many themes, Dr Gameson's achievement is a notable one. HISTORY Eleven `classic' studies...allow the reader to trace the development of opinion on, for example, the tapestry's accuracy of historical witness and its relation to other records of the Conquest. The sweep of these essays also makes visible the ways in which scholarly protocols for approaching the enigmatic object have changed over time... Useful archive. MEDIUM AEVUM Excellent volume. NOTES AND QUERIES