The Speculum of Archbishop Thomas Secker

The Speculum of Archbishop Thomas Secker

Edited by Jeremy Gregory


Boydell Press



A major source for an understanding of the position of the Church of England in the mid-18th century: a digest of parish returns between 1758 and 1761.
The Speculum compiled by Archbishop Thomas Secker (1758-68) is a major source for our understanding of the position of the Church of England in the mid-eighteenth century. A parish by parish digest of the returns submitted to the archbishop between 1758 and 1761, in the main for the diocese of Canterbury but including several others. It contains very full information on such matters as the size and social structure of the parishes; the names and qualifications of the clergy; their wealth; and their relations with Roman Catholics and protestant dissenters. Part of the significance of the Speculum is its witness of the pastoral pressure applied by Secker, allowing the historian to assess how far an energetic archbishop was ableto improve the standards of pastoral provision in the parishes under his care.
This edition has attempted to preserve the spelling and capitalisation of the original, and editorial notes give biographical information on the large number of persons mentioned in the text, as well as identifying other textual allusions.

JEREMY GREGORY is Lecturer in History at the University of Northumbria.

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February 1996
1 black and white illustrations
420 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Church of England Record Society
ISBN: 9780851155692
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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An extensive series of explanatory and bibliographic notes enlarge the scope of the text. The scholarship is exhaustive and extraordinary. The text will be useful for any scholar interested in the condition and operation of the church but also to those concerned about the economic and social life of mid-eighteenth-century England. CHURCH HISTORY [US]

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