The Sea in History - set

The Sea in History - set

Christian Buchet


Boydell Press



An assessment of how important the sea was in the development of world history from the earliest times to the present.
How important has the sea been in the development of human history? Very important indeed is the conclusion of this ground-breaking four-volume work. The books bring together the world's leading maritime historians, who address the question of what difference the sea has made in relation to around 250 situations ranging from the earliest times to the present. They consider, across the entire world, subjects related to human migration, trade, economic development, warfare, the building of political units including states and empires, the dissemination of ideas, culture and religion, and much more, showing how the sea was crucial to all these aspects of human development. Specific maritime subjects covered include shipbuilding, navigation, the exploitation of maritime resources, the social background of sailors and maritime communities, piracy, the financing and organisation of maritime endeavour, and many other subjects. Overall, the books represent an immense resource for all historians, providing concise overviews of virtually every subject in maritime history. CHRISTIAN BUCHET is Professor of Maritime History, Catholic University of Paris, Scientific Director of Océanides and a member of l'Académie de marine.

Published with Océanides Founded in March 2012, Océanides is a five-year, international research project which aims to provide scientific evidence of the key role seas and oceans have played in human evolution, culture and history.

Its primary objective is to provide the most global overview of maritime history to date, spanning five millennia and five continents. It aims to give policy makers the necessary tools with which to understand the close connection between humans and the sea, to appreciate the evidence of its crucial role in our future and to improve worldwide maritime policy.

For more information please see, @ProjetOceanides, Facebook: Association Oceanides


February 2017
0 pages
ISBN: 9781783271566
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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