The Place of War in English History, 1066-1214

October 2004
164 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Warfare in History
ISBN: 9781843830986
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press

The Place of War in English History, 1066-1214

J.O. Prestwich

Edited by Michael Prestwich

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A leading medievalist of his generation studies Anglo-Norman practice in the raising and maintaining of armed forces, and its effect on the government and economy.
War and the state in the Anglo-Norman period was, for the late J.O. Prestwich, a lifetime's study. This book pulls together his ideas on the way that war was conducted, both by land and sea, and the ways in which it affected government and the economy. Prestwich was particularly concerned with the ways in which armed forces were raised, maintained, supplied, disciplined and transported, and the studies printed here, based on his Ford Lectures, consider the relations between war and diplomacy, propaganda and morale, military intelligence, and economic warfare. The discussion ranges widely over such issues as the purpose of Domesday Book, the English contribution to the Lisbon crusade, and the antecedents of Magna Carta. Appendices focus on feudalism and its influence and the composition of Anglo-Norman armies.
J.O. PRESTWICH was Fellow and Tutor in Modern History at Queen's College, Oxford.


[The author's] work remains eminently worth reading, and we owe a debt of gratitude to Michael Prestwich for granting us access to it. DE RE MILITARI
This is a very valuable collection of lectures, and it is useful to have them drawn together in an attractive volume. Prestwich deals with questions that remain of fundamental importance, such as the role of war in stimulating administrative, social and economic developments, and the extent to which warfare and its governmental, social and economic context changed (or remained the same) between the late eleventh and the early thirteenth centuries. EUROPEAN REVIEW OF HISTORY
The splendid analyses of the economy, of warfare, and of much more, not least sea power, will ensure that this book will remain seminal for many years. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW
There is much here that may be read with profit by medievalists and military historians alike. THE JOURNAL OF MILITARY HISTORY
A masterpiece. [...] Detailed and argumentative yet stylish and accessible.[...] The product of a lifetime's reading and thinking on the subject, Prestwich's work is fascinating, enjoyable, and above all a wise book. BBC HISTORY
Written with wit and passion, the lectures are models of clarity in both style and methodology. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW
This book should be read by all aspiring - and most fulfilled- medievalists as an object lesson in detail, rigour, laced with good sense, some humour and often unexpected flashes of humanity. WAR IN HISTORY

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