The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England, 1275-1504

August 2012
441 pages
29.7x21 cm
ISBN: 9781843837992
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
BISAC HIS037010, POLO10000

The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England, 1275-1504

XVI. Henry VII. 1489-1504

Edited by Rosemary Horrox

A major contribution to the history of Parliament, to medieval English history, and to the study of the English constitution. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW
The rolls of parliament were the official records of the meetings of the English parliament from the reign of Edward I (1272-1307) until the reign of Henry VII (1485-1509), after which they were superseded by the journals of the lords, and, somewhat later, the commons.
It is striking that this volume ends in 1504 although Henry's reign continued until 1509, and that the volume includes five parliaments - in sharp contrast to the four previous volumes with three apiece. Henry's parliaments were shorter and more narrowly focussed on the king's business, including his dealings with the land of the formerly disaffected.
The rolls from the period are reproduced in their entirely, complemented by a full translation of all the texts from the three languages used by the medieval clerks (Latin, Anglo-Norman and Middle English).

Dr Rosemary Horrox is Fellow and Director of Studies in History, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.
Keywords: Medieval History

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