The Pakenham Cartulary for the Manor of Ixworth Thorpe, Suffolk, c.1250-c.1320

The Pakenham Cartulary for the Manor of Ixworth Thorpe, Suffolk, c.1250-c.1320

Edited by S.D. Church


Boydell Press



This edition represents a remarkable survival of the detail by which a member of the armoured class of late thirteenth-century Suffolk chose to provide for one of his younger sons.
The Pakenham cartulary for the manor of Ixworth Thorpe in Suffolk is one of the few secular medieval cartularies to survive. It is especially deserving of attention for its demonstration of the importance families of the Pakenham class attached to the provision of inheritances for their younger sons. Thomas of Pakenham, the man for whom the cartulary was composed, was the second son of the knight Sir William of Pakenham; his elder brother Edmund was the main beneficiary of their father's estate, but it is clear that Sir William wished to provide for all his sons: the manor of Ixworth Thorpe was Thomas's inheritance. The charters collected in this cartulary represent the assets of Sir William in the vill, accumulated over a period of about fifty years, plus acquisitions made by Thomas after his father's death.
Dr S.D. CHURCH is Senior Lecturer in History, University of East Anglia.


September 2001
2 line illustrations
131 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Suffolk Charters
ISBN: 9780851158358
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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Smart operators like William Pakenham are the stuff of English history... the editing is impeccable, the indexes, crucial to a work of this kind, being especially splendid. SIAH NEWSLETTER [Colin Richmond] An important document because it casts light upon certain aspects of the local world in which lesser lay landlords operated. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

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