The Ordinal of the Abbey of the Holy Trinity Fécamp

May 2000
1 black and white illustrations
390 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Henry Bradshaw Society
Boydell Press
Henry Bradshaw Society
BISAC REL086000, REL052010, HIS037010

The Ordinal of the Abbey of the Holy Trinity Fécamp

(Fécamp, Musée de la Bénédictine, MS 186), I [containing Part I]

Edited by David Chadd

Edition of twelfth-century Ordinal from Fécamp, giving a detailed view of monastic liturgy.
The abbey of Fécamp, reformed in the early years of the eleventh century by William of Volpiano, abbot of St-Bénigne at Dijon, was a key institution in the development of Norman monasticism in the middle ages. As one of the most energetic monastic reformers of his time, William was noted for the attention he paid to the liturgy of the many abbeys he superintended, and his liturgical cursus was influential in English and continental monastic houses.
The Fécamp Ordinal, edited here from a manuscript of the early thirteenth century, but transmitting the liturgy observed in the abbey some two centuries earlier, is the first complete source of William's liturgical work to be printed. It is expanded by readings from complementary Fécamp service books, creating a text which gives a particularly detailed view of medieval monastic liturgy. This first volume contains the Temporal; the remainder of the Ordinal, together with comprehensive indexes, will form the second volume.DAVID CHADDteaches in the School of Music at the University of East Anglia.


An important work, of great interest both to liturgical scholars and to less specialist readers; it contributes to a deeper understanding of Norman monastic history. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY [Marjorie Chibnall] One of the most important publications of its kind to have appeared in recent years, [it] assumes a central place in the study of monastic liturgical practice in the Middle Ages.... The result is a sort of super-ordinal hardly, if ever, matched in one medieval manuscript alone. And it is all managed with perfect clarity.... This edition shows that the study of medieval liturgical books is in safe and expert hands. Without doubt [the author] deserves our most sincere congratulations. PLAINSONG & MEDIEVAL MUSIC

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