The Old French Narrative Lay

The Old French Narrative Lay

An Analytical Bibliography

Glyn S. Burgess





Bibliographical guide to the Old French narrative lay, listing editions, translations, critical studies and reviews.
This volume presents an analytical bibliography of twenty narrative lays written in French in the late twelfth or early thirteenth centuries — Aristote, Conseil, Cor, Desiré, Doon, Espervier, Espine, Graelent, Guingamor, Haveloc, Ignaure, Lecheor, Mantel, Melion, Nabaret, Oiselet, Ombre, Trot, Tydorel and Tyolet —seeking to provide a complete list of the editions, translations, and substantial studies which have been devoted to them over the years. The choice of the 20 poems corresponds to Donovan's The Breton Lay, the only synthesis so far available on this topic in English. Most references are accompanied by a summary which analyses their contribution to the topic under discussion, covering the item's significance and interest, and items found in works of reference and briefer studies forming part of books or articles are included where appropriate. Each individual bibliography is intended to stand independently, with full references given in each case for editions and translation; cross-references to important items found in other parts of the volume are given at the end of each bibliography. The twenty parts are preceded by a general section which lists contributions to more than one lay.
Professor GLYN BURGESSteaches in the Department of French at the University of Liverpool.


June 1995
148 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780859914789
Format: Hardback
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Meticulously researched... a welcome addition to the research background of this fascinating genre... An admirable understanding of the place of the narrative lay in French literary history and a broad, deep knowledge of the secondary material in many European languages. CHOICEAn accurate guide to the subject: accurate, comprehensive and judicious... a reliable and useful piece of work, for which students of the subject will be grateful. SPECULUMWill benefit all scholars... perfect introduction to the narrtive lai and the resources to study the genre. ROMANCE PHILOLOGY

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