The Old French Lays of Ignaure, Oiselet and Amours

The Old French Lays of Ignaure, Oiselet and Amours

Edited by Glyn S. Burgess, Leslie C. Brook





New editions, with translations and introductions.
The three narrative lays presented here form a sequel to the authors' French Arthurian Literature IV: Eleven Old French Narrative Lays, published in 2007.
No new edition of Ignaure has appeared since 1938 and in the meantime this poem has generated a considerable amount of critical comment, especially as it provides the first full-length example in medieval European literature of the theme of the "Eaten Heart". Oiselet recounts a bird's use of three truths as a means of escaping from the clutches of an uncultivated vilain. In the extant manuscripts these truths occur in two different orders, both of which are provided in the present edition. Amours, which follows the progress of a love affair between a nobleman and his beloved, has not been edited since 1878.
All three poems challenge our understanding of the term "lay", especially if we regard the lays of Marie de France as defining the principal features of this genre.

GLYN S. BURGESS is Emeritus Professor of French at the University of Liverpool; LESLIE C. BROOK is Honorary Senior Research Fellow in French at the University of Birmingham.


November 2010
286 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9781843842538
Format: Hardback
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[T]his is a marvellous volume bringing to life three fascinating thirteenth century French lais, offering us both a reliable edition and an English translation, along with impressive and highly detailed introductions. STUDI MEDIEVALI

[T]his fine edition and translation [...] provides new insight into the "tolerant genre" [...] of the Old French narrative lay. It is a resource of note for scholars and students alike. SPECULUM

Future research on the narrative lays will be greatly indebted to the work of Burgess and Brook, including the solid scholarship presented in this volume. FRENCH STUDIES

This volume and the larger project of which it is part offer a valuable resource for research and teaching of the narrative lays. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW

A most welcome addition to our growing store of critical editions and translations of Old French texts [and] a valuable resource indeed. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW

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