The Old French Fabliaux: An Analytical Bibliography

The Old French Fabliaux: An Analytical Bibliography

Anne Elizabeth Cobby


Tamesis Books



Concise accounts of editions and studies of the Old French fabliaux.
The Old French fabliaux form a corpus of over 120 short comic verse narratives from the late twelfth to the early fourteenth centuries which has been the subject of very active work over the last thirty years, building on continuous though less intensive interest over the previous century. There are many editions, a society and a journal devoted to fabliaux study but, until now, no bibliographical survey.
The author of this analytical bibliography takes a wide view of the definition of the genre in French but does not include work primarily on Chaucerian fabliaux or those in other languages. Around 1,000 entries offer precise, well judged and well written accounts of works published in this area of study.

ANNE COBBY is Librarian of the Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages at the University of Cambridge.


September 2009
238 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Research Bibliographies and Checklists: new series
ISBN: 9781855661851
Format: Paperback
Tamesis Books
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A methodical and rigorous study, covering an impressive quantity of material. Thoroughly researched and clearly presented, it offers a much-needed and invaluable tool to scholars of the fabliaux and medievalists in general. MEDIUM AEVUM

Cobby's much-needed bibliography is extraordinarily comprehensive and immaculate in every respect. One could scarcely fail to be amazed by, and grateful for, the range of items discovered and recorded. [...] Moreover, read from cover to cover, rather than just used as a work of reference, the present volume provides a splendid guide to the genre of the fabliaux. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW

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