The Old English Soul and Body

May 1990
2 line illustrations
111 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780859912327
Format: Hardback
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The Old English Soul and Body

Edited by Douglas Moffat

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The first critical edition of one of the earliest representations of the body-and-soul theme in the middle ages, which, unusually, survives in more than one copy and is therefore of particular relevance to the study of the transmission of texts; discussion of manuscripts, language, prosody and structure.

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`..the full critical edition of the Exeter text and a largely diplomatic version of the Vercelli lines. In his thoughtful and discriminating commentary, Moffat proves a reliable guide as he confronts key interpretative problems..'ANDREW WAWN, University of Leeds. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW, 1987, 4.`His full introduction includes the traditional prefatory material: manuscripts, language and prosody, sources and analogues, and literary criticism, all of which are examined in extensivedetail... The explanatory notes to the text are particularly clear and helpful, as is the glossary. The running translation at the foot of the critical text is deliberately literal.' SPECULUM

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