The Old English Martyrology

June 2013
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416 pages
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Anglo-Saxon Texts
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The Old English Martyrology

Edition, Translation and Commentary

Translated by Christine Rauer

Edited by Christine Rauer

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New edition with facing-page translation of a highly significant and influential Old English text.
The Old English Martyrology is one of the longest and most important prose texts written in Anglo-Saxon England; it also represents one of the most impressive examples of encyclopaedic writing from the European Middle Ages. Probably intended as a reference work, it was used and transmitted for over 200 years, providing its readers with information on native and foreign saints, time measurement, the seasons of the year, biblical events, and cosmology. Its lively and engaging vignettes illustrate the importance of miracle stories for the early medieval cult of saints.
This new edition presents a revised text, with a facing-page, newly-prepared English translation; they are accompanied by a commentary based on a fresh comparison with some 250 Latin and Old English texts, the first published glossary for this text, and extensive bibliographical information and indices.

Dr Christine Rauer is a Senior Lecturer in the School of English and the Institute of Mediaeval Studies at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

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Table of Contents

Text and Translation


Winner of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists 2015 Publication Prizes: Best Edition

Rauer's deep knowledge of and appreciation for all aspects of this work shine through the edition from start to finish, bringing the Martyrology out of the shadows and making it more accessible than ever before.. [This] edition...will be of great use both for novice students of Old English language as well as experts. MEDIAEVISTIK

This is an important and diligently executed book; and it is arranged to facilitate reference-whatever one is looking for is easy to find. It is a work of reference for martyrology in the first place, and it will be found useful for many other related subjects. NOTES & QUERIES

Rauer's an important and welcome contribution, sure to stimulate new research. MEDIUM AEVUM

Any scholar interested in the Martyrology will need, at least, to refer to this edition. TOEBI NEWSLETTER

A valuable contribution that will appeal to a range of readers....This will certainly be the standard text to turn to...for at least the next generation of research.... The commentary is excellent. JOURNAL OF RELIGIOUS HISTORY

Rauer has done a service not only to scholars of Old English and to the text she has edited, but to anyone interested in issues such as the interface of Latin and the vernacular, ninth-century English religious and intellectual culture, early medieval ideas of sex and gender, liturgy and hagiography, and formations of knowledge and identity in the early Middle Ages and more. The OEM will undoubtedly find wider and productive readership in this new edition. SPECULUM

Christine Rauer has done an excellent job of providing an accurate edition and translation plus a mass of up-to-date elucidation and references to published research for a text with so rich, large, and diverse a history in its hinterland. FOLKLORE

Everyone from the most seasoned expert to the total neophyte will be able to benefit from the volume, which should immediately become both an indispensable research tool for the specialist and a stimulating way to introduce undergraduates (and even some members of the general reading public) to a broad range of medieval ideas about saints and sanctity. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW

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