The Monks of Redon

September 1989
270 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Studies in Celtic History
ISBN: 9780851155043
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press

The Monks of Redon

Gesta Sanctorum Rotonensium and Vita Conuuoionis

Edited by Caroline Brett

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The Monks of Redon presents for the first time a full text and translation of a unique historical source of the ninth century: an account of the life of a Breton monastery seen from the inside, in the naïve but graphic narrative of a contemporary monk. We see how the ascetic traditions of Celtic Brittany and the dynamic religious reforms of the Carolingian emperors, Charlemagne's successors, met at Redon to create a highly successful establishment, even amid frequent warfare, local disorder, and the lurking threat of the Vikings.
The text is accompanied by a later, perhaps eleventh-century, version of the life of the founder of Redon. The relationship between the two texts, their manuscript-tradition, their language, style, and historical background are fully discussed.


The Gesta reflects the height of Breton power and Breton ecclesiastical learning; the Vita Conuuoinis the orientation towards the Franks...impeccably presented...important source. FRENCH HISTORY `Brett's editions of the texts reflect care and judgment, her translations seem both accurate and readable... Deserves a warm reception.' SPECULUMA critical modern edition and excellent facing translation ... prefaced by detailed discussion of the manuscript tradition and Latinity. Valuable evidence complementing the corpus of more than 300 charters in the house's famous cartulary... Significant and welcome addition to early Breton studies. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

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