The Monastic Ritual of Fleury

The Monastic Ritual of Fleury

(Orleans, Bibliotheque Municipale MS 123 [101])

Edited by Anselme Davril


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New light is shed on the spiritual life and liturgical rituals of the influential abbey of St Benedict in the 12th century.
During the central middle ages, the abbey of St Benedict at Fleury on the Loire was one of the most influential monasteries in Europe. Consequently its spiritual life and liturgical ritual are of great interest to scholars. This previously unpublished monastic ritual, dating from the 12th century, sheds new light on studies in the field.


`Nous en attendions depuis longtemps une édition complète: c'est maintenant chose faite, et bien faite.' REV. D'HISTOIRE ECCLES. 91; 3-4

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