The Medieval Traveller

November 2010
40 black and white illustrations
320 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9781843835073
Format: Paperback
Boydell Press

The Medieval Traveller

Norbert Ohler

Translated by Caroline Hillier

An updated edition of this classic study of travelling in the middle ages, demonstrating that our ancestors moved about far more than one might expect.
How did people travel in the middle ages? Evidence shows that despite all the likely deterrents - danger from man and beast, uncertainty of lodging and food, even the basic matter of finding the way -our medieval ancestors moved about far more than we might expect. They set out even on major journeys with a confidence which argues the existence of a network of major routes and minor tracks, the arteries by which new ideas entered Europe's fast-changing civilisation: the knowledge brought back by travellers played an important part in the development of the medieval world. Norbert Ohler lets the travellers speak for themselves, and from the many sources builds up a picture of what travel was really like.
Keywords: Medieval History


Contains a wealth of ardently researched and engaging information. ANTIQUARIES JOURNAL

A rare book in that it's easily accessible to an audience that's interested in the Middle Ages but not necessarily well-acquainted with it. [...] It's as close to definitive as a work on the subject can be, however, given our current state of knowledge, and it's head and shoulders above other accessible works on travelling in the Middle Ages. BIBLIOBUFFET

A masterly and authoritative study of all aspects of travel. [...] This is an excellent book which will have something to interest anyone studying the Middle Ages. SUITE101.COM
Plenty of information about conditions of travel, wonderfully informative. FINANCIAL TIMES A.L. Rowse
Intriguing picture of the realities of medieval travel. There is much here to inform and entertain. HISTORY