The Medieval Surgery

January 1999
50 black and white illustrations
120 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
ISBN: 9780851157542
Format: Paperback
Library eBook
Boydell Press

The Medieval Surgery

Tony Hunt

The complete illustrations, with commentary, from the 13th-century Anglo-Norman translations of Roger of Parma's Surgery(c.1180), the first original treatise on surgery to be written in the medieval West.
Tony Hunt presents, for the first time, the complete set of illustrations which accompany a 13th-century Anglo-Norman translation of Roger of Parma's Surgery (c.1180), the first original treatise on surgery to be written in the medieval West. His commentary relates the drawings precisely to the sections of text they illustrate, providing accurate identification of the different medical treatments depicted, fusing careful translation from the Latin text with modern medical perception. These distinctive drawings, almost without parallel in 13th-century England, show a consummate medical illustrator at work and reveal a great deal of information on the medieval pharmacy and the range of therapeutic treatments practised.

TONY HUNT is the author of Popular Medicine, Plant Names of Medieval England and Teaching and Learning Latin in Thirteenth-Century England.

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