The Medieval Mystical Tradition in England

May 2013
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Medieval Mystical Tradition
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The Medieval Mystical Tradition in England

Papers read at Charney Manor, July 2011 [Exeter Symposium 8]

Edited by E.A. Jones

The series has from the beginning been instrumental in sustaining this field of study. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY
Mystical writing flourished between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries across Europe and in England, and had a wide influence on religion and spirituality. This volume examines a range of topics within the field. The five "Middle English Mystics" (Richard Rolle, Walter Hilton, the author of The Cloud of Unknowing, Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe) receive renewed attention, with significant new insights generated by fresh theoretical approaches. In addition, there are studies of the relationships between continental and English mystical authors, introductions to some less well-known writers in the tradition (such as the Monk of Farne), and explorations around the fringes of the mystical canon, including Middle English translations of Boethius, Lollard spirituality, and the Syon brother Richard Whytford's writings for a sixteenth-century "mixed life" audience.

E. A. Jones is Senior Lecturer in English Medieval Literature and Culture at the University of Exeter.

Contributors: Christine Cooper-Rompato, Vincent Gillespie, C. Annette Grisé, Ian Johnson, Sarah Macmillan, Liz Herbert McAvoy, Nicole R. Rice, Maggie Ross, Steven Rozenski Jr, David Russell, Michael G. Sargent, Christiana Whitehead.

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Table of Contents

Introduction - E.A. Jones
The Colours of Contemplation: Less Light on Julian of Norwich - Vincent Gillespie
Behold Not the Cloud of Experience - Maggie Ross
Walter Hilton on the Gift of Interpretation of Scripture - Michael G. Sargent
Numeracy and Number in The Book of Margery Kempe - Christine Cooper-Rompato
Religious Mystical Mothers: Margery Kempe and Caterina Benincasa - David Russell
Authority and Exemplarity in Henry Suso and Richard Rolle - Steven Rozenski
Mortifying the Mind: Asceticism, Mysticism and Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Douce 114 - Sarah Macmillan
The Meditaciones of the Monk of Farne - Christiania Whitehead
Envisioning Reform: A Revelation Of Purgatory and Anchoritic Compassioun in the Later Middle Ages - Liz Herbert McAvoy
Walton's Heavenly Boece and the Devout Translation of Transcendence: O Qui Perpetua Pietised - Ian Johnson
Reformist Devotional Reading: The Pore Caitif in British Library, MS Harley 2322 - Nicole R. Rice
Richard Whytford, The Golden Epistle, and the Mixed Life Audience - C Annette Grise


A very valuable collection of essays which touches many aspects of late medieval thought and literary practice, a volume from which medievalists from all walks of life will derive considerable pleasure and profit. SCRIPTORIUM

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