The Medieval Church: Universities, Heresy, and the Religious Life

The Medieval Church: Universities, Heresy, and the Religious Life

Essays in Honour of Gordon Leff

Edited by Peter Biller, Barrie Dobson


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Ecclesiastical History Society



Aspects of the medieval church investigated, with a particular emphasis on heresy, the teaching of the universities, and the lives of the religious.
The main subjects of enquiry in this volume focus upon the major areas in which the honorand, Gordon Leff, has himself made fundamental contributions. Among the topics discussed are learned and popular heresy (Cathars, Wyclif, Lollardy, and the concept of heresy itself); the history of medieval universities and thought (including the religious at Paris and Cambridge, Ockham, and Paris theologians' views on the Jews); and early modern views of the crusades. The book is completed with a bibliography of works by Gordon Leff.
Dr PETER BILLER is Senior Lecturer at the University of York; Professor BARRIE DOBSONis at Christ's College, Cambridge.


September 1999
1 black and white illustrations
380 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Studies in Church History: Subsidia
ISBN: 9780952973331
Format: Hardback
Ecclesiastical History Society
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Table of Contents

Were the Lollards a sect? - Margaret Aston
Gordon Leff: An Appreciation - G E Aylmer
The northern Cathars and Higher Learing - Peter Biller
The northern Cathars and higher learning - Peter Biller
Met on the Via Moderna - John Bossy
Fellows and helpers: the religious identity of Wyclif - Jeremy Catto
The instructional programme of the mendicant convents at Paris in the early fourteenth century - William J Courtenay
The Origins and University Connections of Yorkshire Religious 1480-1540 - Claire Cross
Biblography of Gordon Leff's publications - Simon Ditchfield
The religious orders in late medieval Cambridge - R B Dobson
The Cathars and Christian perfection - Bernard Hamilton
Cross-referencing in Wyclif's Latin Works - Anne Hudson
William of Ockham and the Michaelists on Robert Grosseteste and Denis the Areopagite - David Luscombe
The Medieval Idea of Heresy - Arthur Stephen McGrade
The `Mendicant problem' in the later Middle Ages - Robert N Swanson
Holy War, Roman Popes and Christian soldiers: some early modern views of medieval Christendom - Christopher J Tyerman
Paris Theologians and the Jews: Peter Lombard and Peter Cantor - J A Watt


On heresy, intellectual life and the medieval universities, this book has much to commend it, with a number of outstanding contributions. HISTORY

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