The Literature of German Romanticism

December 2003
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Camden House History of German Literature
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The Literature of German Romanticism

Edited by Dennis F. Mahoney

Sharply focused essays on the most significant aspects of German Romanticism.
This volume of sharply focused essays by an international team of scholars deals not only with the most significant literary, philosophical, and cultural aspects of German Romanticism -- one of the most influential, albeit highly controversial movements in the history of German literature -- but also with the history and status of scholarship on the literature of the period. The introduction and first section establish an overall framework by placing German Romanticism within a European context that includes its English counterpart. Goethe and Schiller are considered, as are the Jena Romantics. The second section is organized according to the traditional distinctions between epic, dramatic, and lyric modes of writing, while realizing that particularly in the Romantic novel, there was an attempt to blend these three. A final group of essays focuses on German literary Romanticism's relation to other aspects of German culture: folklore studies, politics, psychology, natural science, gender presentation and representation, music, and visual art.

Contributors: Gerhard Schulz, Arnd Bohm, Richard Littlejohns, Gerhart Hoffmeister, Ulrich Scheck, Claudia Stockinger, Bernadette Malinowski, Fabian Lampart, Klaus Peter, Gabriele Rommel, Martha B. Helfer, Kristina Muxfeldt, Beate Allert, Paul Bishop and R. H. Stephenson, Nicholas Saul

Dennis F. Mahoney is Professor of German and Director of the European Studies Program at the University of Vermont.

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Table of Contents

From "romantick" to "Romantic": The Genesis of German Romanticism in Late-Eighteenth-Century Europe - Gerhard Schulz
Goethe and the Romantics - Arnd Bohm
Early Romanticism - Richard Littlejohns
From Goethe's Wilhelm Meister to anti-Meister Novels: The Romantic Novel between Tieck's William Lovell and Hoffmann's Kater Murrand Hoffmann's Kater Murr - Gerhart Hoffmeister
Tales of Wonder and Terror: Short Prose of the German Romantics - Ulrich Scheck
The Romantic Drama: Tieck, Brentano, Arnim, Fouqué, and Eichendorff - Claudia Stockinger
German Romantic Poetry in Theory and Practice: The Schlegel Brothers, Schelling, Tieck, Novalis, Eichendorff, Brentano, and HeineEichendorff, Brentano, and Heine - Bernadette Malinowski
The Turn to History and the Volk: Brentano, Arnim, and the Grimm Brothers - Fabian Lampart
History and Moral Imperatives: The Contradictions of Political Romanticism - Klaus Peter
German Romanticism and Natural Science - Habil. Gabriele Rommel
The Romantic Preoccupation with Musical Meaning - Kristina Muxfeldt
Romanticism and the Visual Arts - Beate Allert
Goethe's Late Verse (this essay has two authors) - and Paul Bishop
The Reception of German Romanticism in the Twentieth Century - N.D.B. Saul


Among the beautifully written essays are studies of terminology, genre, gender, politics, the natural sciences, folklore, music, and art.... An excellent addition to the literature. CHOICE

[P]rovides a broad and informative exploration of the movement, solid and reliable research, and a useful bibliographical resource. SEMINAR

[T]he fifteen diverse essays compiled and critically introduced here by Dennis F. Mahoney present an overwhelmingly successful English-language guide to the study of German Romantic literature. MONATSHEFTE

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