The Index of Middle English Prose

September 2009
530 pages
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Index of Middle English Prose
ISBN: 9781843840541
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The Index of Middle English Prose

Handlist XIX: Manuscripts in the University Library, Cambridge (Dd-Oo)

Margaret Connolly

`The Index of Middle English Prose when completed will be a monumental achievement' REVIEW OF ENGLISH STUDIES
Cambridge University Library is one of Britain's major repositories of medieval manuscripts. Its two-letter collection (Dd-Oo) includes just over 1,000 medieval western manuscripts, and amongst these may be found examples of every type of Middle English prose composition. Religious works predominate: there are several copies of the Wycliffite Bible, various sermon cycles, and works by Love, Hilton and Rolle; there is also a vast number of unattributed religious works. Secular texts are represented by the works of Chaucer, Mandeville's Travels, and no fewer than eight copies of the Brut. The collection is also extremely rich in Middle English prose writing in the fields of science and information, preserving medical, gynaecological, veterinary, culinary, alchemical, mathematical, heraldic and linguistic texts. Altogether the current handlist covers 207 manuscripts, and indexes more than 1250 separate items.

MARGARET CONNOLLY teaches in the School of English at the University of St Andrews.

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A major achievement and she is to be congratulated for accuracy, consistency, and (certainly) perseverance. [...] Connolly is to be congratulated on a work of major scholarship-and the largest IMEP published to date. JOURNAL OF THE EARLY BOOK SOCIETY

The sheer number and variety of items indexed in this Handlist guarantee its indispensability to researchers for many years to come. MEDIUM AEVUM

(Reviewed together with Index of Middle English Prose, XX) Both volumes are very welcome additions to the series. BULLETIN CODICOLOGIQUE

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