The Index of Middle English Prose Handlist XI

The Index of Middle English Prose Handlist XI

Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge

Linne R. Mooney


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Handlist to largest collection of medieval MSS in a British college.
The library of Trinity College, Cambridge, contains the largest collection of medieval manuscripts of any college in Great Britain, and one of the most important in the world. The subjects contained therein cover the whole range of topics usual to medieval manuscripts, although the majority were produced in Britain. Particularly noteworthy are Wycliffite translations of the Bible, sermons, and Wycliffite tracts; three manuscripts containing Nicholas Love's Mirror of the Blessed Lif of IhesuCrist; major collections of devotional texts; scientific manuscripts; and unique Middle English translations of classical and early medieval texts. A number of known Middle English texts not previously thought to be in the Trinity Collection are identified, opening new areas for study of Trinity's manuscripts.
LINNE R. MOONEYis Associate Professor of English at the University of Maine.


290 pages
27.6x21.9 cm
Index of Middle English Prose
Paperback, 9781843841463, August 2007
Hardback, 9780859914574, April 1995
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A fascinating volume which offers infinte riches in a little space. MEDIUM AEVUM Splendid series... Mooney has done a magnificent job in transcribing so many Middle English prose texts a valuable new tool for research into various aspects of life and thought in medieval England. REVIEW OF ENGLISH STUDIES The steady output of handlists, of which this is an excellent example, shows that the enterprise is firmly on course. ENGLISH STUDIESImpressive in terms of the total number of relevant manuscripts and items and because of her consistently good bibliographical descriptions. MLR

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