The Holy Land, Holy Lands, and Christian History

The Holy Land, Holy Lands, and Christian History

Edited by R.N. Swanson


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Studies of the significance of the 'Holy Land', real and idealised, in Christian history.
For the great monotheistic religions, thoughts of the 'Holy Land' automatically turn to Palestine. That Holy Land has been central to Christian history over the past 2000 years, from the establishment of the early church, through the Crusades, to the present day, when native Christians are in a minority, but Christian tourists abound. Even when not physically controlled by Christians, Palestine and its image are important to the Christian consciousness. Moreover, as a concept, the idea of 'Holy Land' has proved elastic and potent, capable of being divorced from its Levantine particularity to provide models for hopes for the future, and to validate existing societies and political communities, supplying moral drive and psychological support. This collection of twenty-five essays addresses a wide range of issues tied to this broad theme, from the patristic period to the present day. Palestine, and concerns for Palestine, provide a core; but attention also ranges to 'Holy Lands' in America, Russia, seventeenth-century England, and post-Reformation Transylvania. The papers clearly and lucidly demonstrate the constant, continuing, and multi-faceted significance of the Holy Land, real and idealised, in Christian history.


October 2000
24 black and white, 7 line illustrations
422 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Studies in Church History
ISBN: 9780952973355
Format: Hardback
Ecclesiastical History Society
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Table of Contents

The Early Development of Church Architecture in Syria and Jordan, c.300-c.750 HUGH N. KENNEDYHUGH N. KENNEDY - Hugh N Kennedy
The Itinerary of Egeria: Reliving the Bible in Fourth-Century Palestine DAVID HUNTDAVID HUNT - David Hunt
'Secular men and women': Egeria's Lay Congregation in Jerusalem RACHEL MORIARTY - Rachel Moriarty
Palestine under the Arabs, 650-750: the Crucible of Byzantine Orthodoxy ANDREW LOUTHANDREW LOUTH - Andrew Louth
Palestine in the Aftermath of the Arab Conquest: the Earliest Latin Account THOMAS O'LOUGHLINTHOMAS O'LOUGHLIN - Thomas O'Loughlin
Memorials of the Holy Places and Blessings from the East: Devotion to Jerusalem before the Crusades (Presidential Address) COLIN MORRISCOLIN MORRIS - Colin Morris
History and Memory as Factors in Greek Orthodox Pilgrimage to the Holy Land under Crusader Rule ANDREW JOTISCHKYANDREW JOTISCHKY - Andrew Jotischky
Ideas of Crusade and Holy war n De expugnatione Lyxbonensi (The Conquest of Lisbon) JONATHAN PHILLIPSJONATHAN PHILLIPS - Jonathan Phillips
Holy Land, Holy Lance: Religious Ideas in the Chanson d'Antioche SUSAN B. EDGINGTON - Susan B. Edgington
'The Serpent in the Dust, the Sparrow on the House Top': Attitudes to Jerusalem and the Holy Land in the Circle of Innocent III - BRENDA H. BOLTONInnocent III - BRENDA H. BOLTON - Brenda H. Bolton
The Role of the Holy Land for the Early Followers of Joachim of Fiore STEPHEN WESSLEYSTEPHEN WESSLEY - Stephen Wessley
Gregory IX, Frederick II and the Liberation of the Holy Land, 1230-9 BJORN WEILERBJORN WEILER - Björn Weiler
Our Lady of Saidnaiya: an Orthodox Shrine Revered by Muslims and Knights Templar at the Time of the Crusades BERNARD F. HAMILTONBERNARD F. HAMILTON - Bernard Hamilton
Crusading Proposals in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries ANTONY LEOPOLD - Antony Leopold
Holy Land or Holy Lands? Palestine and the Catholic West in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance NORMAN HOUSLEYNORMAN HOUSLEY - Norman Housley
The Holy Land in Old Russian Culture RICHARD M. PRICE - Richard M Price
Magyar Judah: Constructing a new Canaan in Eastern Europe GRAEME N J MURDOCK - Graeme N J Murdock
Rebuilding Solomon's Temple? The Architecture of Calvinism ANDREW SPICER - Andrew Spicer
Transplanting the Holy Land: Diggers, Fifth Monarchists, and the New Israel BERNARD S CAPPBERNARD S CAPP - Bernard S Capp
City on a Hill: American Exceptionalism and the Elect Nation JOHN OLDFIELD - John Oldfield
Milman's History of the Jews: a Real Place with Real People ALISTAIR MASON - Alistair Mason
Thomas Cook, Holy Land Pilgrims, and the Dawn of the Modern Tourist Industry TIMOTHY LARSENTIMOTHY LARSEN - Timothy Larsen
Archbishop Lang's Visit to the Holy Land in 1931 GARTH TURNER - Garth Turner
The Vatican, Palestinian Christians, Israel, and Jerusalem: Religion, Politics, Diplomacy, and Holy Places, 1945-1950 ANTHONY O'MAHONYANTHONY O'MAHONY - Anthony O'Mahony
Palestinian Christians: Realities and Hopes BERNARD SABELLA - Bernard Sabella


A worthwhile collection... It is a measure of the changes in our understanding of the history of the Holy Land in the last thirty years that so many historians should now be grappling with the issues of thought and iconography. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY (Jonathan Riley-Smith) Deserves to necome a standard work on the unfolding story of the Holy Land. EXPOSITORY TIMES

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