The History of Parliament: the House of Commons, 1660-1690 [3 vols]

The History of Parliament: the House of Commons, 1660-1690 [3 vols]

Edited by B. D. Henning

These volumes of the History of Parliament cover the turbulent second half of the seventeenth century with essential information about Commons Members, how they were elected and what part they played in the House.
Here is the period from the Restoration of Charles II in 1660 to the Revolution of 1688 and the Convention Parliament which followed it. These three volumes cover the period of constitutional reconstruction after the Interregnum and the political crises of the 1670s and early 1680s.

The three volumes contain 2,040 biographical articles and 269 constituency articles. An Introductory Essay by Basil Duke Henning analyses information about the age, education, social background of the Members and their residential and electoral relationship with their constituencies. Questions concerning how far non-political factors influenced a Member's party political alignment are also examined.


Heroic, so modestly and at the same time so fluently accomplished that it is in danger of being taken for granted . The biographical section is an enchantment, as always. OBSERVER [John Kenyon]

The labour in continental as well as English archives, the achievement in documenting positions held by, the local interests and family trees, the parliamentary speeches and committee service of more than two thousand members is awe-inspiring . the surveys of the constituencies are not only an impressive testament to the pioneering research they inspired; they may open up the subject. THES [Kevin Sharpe]

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