The Haskins Society Journal 7

May 1997
15 black and white, 2 line illustrations
208 pages
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Haskins Society Journal
ISBN: 9780851156965
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press

The Haskins Society Journal 7

1995. Studies in Medieval History

Edited by C.P. Lewis, Emma Cownie

New research on political, social, legal and religious history of England and neighbours, 7c-13c
The essays in this volume derive in the main, though not exclusively, from the 13th annual conference held in Houston in November 1994. Written by an international group of scholars, they centre on the history of England and its neighbours during the Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Anglo-Norman and Angevin periods. Of particular interest is a wide-ranging and well-illustrated article on medieval bridges; other topics include the Anglo-Norman patrons of Bury St Edmunds, Anglo-Welsh relations before 1066, the legal status of the Britons in seventh-century Wessex, and the Hundred Rolls. There is also a particular focus on the roles played by women, with articles on Henry I's queen Adeliza of Louvain, and the Anglo-Norman countesses of Chester.Dr C.P. LEWIS teaches in the Department of History at the University of Liverpool; Dr EMMA COWNIE teaches in the Department of History, King's College, London. Contents and Contributors: EMMA COWNIE, NICHOLAS BROOKS, LOUIS M. ALEXANDER, JOHNR.E. BLIESE, FREDERICK C. SUPPE, W. SCOTT JESSEE, H.B. TEUNIS, JULIE POTTER, LAURA WERTHEIMER, SUSAN JOHNS, R.H. HELMHOLZ, S.F.C. MILSOM, DAVID ROFFE.

Table of Contents

Religious Patronage at Post-Conquest Bury St. Edmunds -
Medieval Bridges: a Window onto Changing Concepts of State Power - Nicholas Brooks
The Legal Status of the Native Britons in Late Seventh-Century Wessex as Reflected by the Law Code of Ine - Louis M. Alexander
St. Cuthbert's and St. Neot's Help in War: Visions and Exhortations - John R.E. Bliese
Who was Rhys Sais? Some Comments on Anglo-Welsh Relations before 1066 - Frederick C Suppe
Urban Violence and the Coup d'Etat of Fulk le Rechin in Angers, 1067 - W. Scott Jessee
The Countergift in Caritate According to the Cartulary of Noyers - Henk Teunis
The Vita Gundulfi in its Historical Context - Julie Potter
Adeliza of Louvain and Anglo-Norman Queenship - Laura Wertheimer
The Wives and Widows of the Earl of Chester, 1100-1252: the Charter Evidence - Susan M Johns
Excommunication and the Angevin Leap Forward - R.H. Helmholz
Maitland and the Grand Assize - S.F.C. Milsom
The Hundred Rolls and their Antecedents: Some Thoughts on the Inquisition in Thirteenth-Century England -

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