The Haskins Society Journal 29

November 2018
10 colour, 2 black and white, 4 line illustrations
305 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Haskins Society Journal
ISBN: 9781783273577
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
BIC HBLC1, 1D, 2AB, 3H

The Haskins Society Journal 29

2017. Studies in Medieval History

Edited by Laura L. Gathagan, William North, Charles C. Rozier

New insights into key texts and interpretive problems in the history of England and Europe between the eighth and thirteenth centuries.
This volume of the Haskins Society Journal demonstrates the Society's continued engagement with historical and interdisciplinary research on the early to the central Middle Ages, focusing on the Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman worlds - and beyond. It includes an investigation of equestrian symbolism in Lombard southern Italy; an inquiry into documentary production in Northern France; and a new look at Anglo-Saxon servitude. Further chapters offer an exploration of Norman ducal estates through GIS mapping; a study of Winchester cathedral priory through the lens of the Codex Wintoniensis; an examination of royal political strategy during the interregnum crisis of King Stephen; and a prosopographical analysis of Robert Curthose's crusade curiales. The first critical edition and translation of the Carmen Ceccanense - an overlooked source for German imperial history - will be widely welcomed. A new look at the Domesday Book, with a comprehensive survey of previous scholarship, completes the volume.

Contributors: Stephen Baxter, Paul Bertrand, Stephen D. Church, Alexander Dymond, Jennie M. England, Thomas Foerster, S. Jay Lemanski, Simon Thomas Parsons, Chiara Provesi.

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Table of Contents

The Longue durée of a Symbolic System: Mounted Warriors and Horses in the Chronicon Salernitanum - Chiara Provesi
Revolution(s) of Writing Northern France, 10th-14th centuries - Paul Bertrand
Slave or Free: The Aehtemann in Anglo-Saxon Rural Society - S. Jay Lemanski
Norman Ducal Property in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries: A Spatial and Chronological Analysis - Alexander Palmer Dymond
The Codex Wintoniensis in its Twelfth-Century Context - Jennie M. England
The Carmen Ceccanense: A Neglected Source for the End of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily, Introduction-Edition-Translation - Thomas Foerster
Succession and Interregnum in the English Polity: The Case of 1141 - Stephen D. Church
Crusading Participation in Normandy and its Borderlands: The Evidence from the Old French Traditions of the First Crusade - Simon Parsons
The Domesday Controversy: a Review and a New Interpretation - Stephen Baxter

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