The Haskins Society Journal 26

October 2015
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Haskins Society Journal
ISBN: 9781783270712
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The Haskins Society Journal 26

2014. Studies in Medieval History

Edited by Laura L. Gathagan, William North

The most recent research into the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Angevin worlds.
The essays here consider a broad range of topics drawn from the early to central Middle Ages. These include a fascinating glimpse of the controversy surrounding Theodoric of Ostrogoth's identity as a builder king; evidence of Byzantine slavery that emerges from a ninth-century Frankish exegetical tract; conciliar prohibitions against interfaith dining; and a fresh look at the doomed Danish marriage of Philip II of France. The Journal's commitment to source analysis is continued with chapters examining female authority on the coins of Henry the Lion; the use and meaning of monastic depredation lists; and the relationship between Henry of Huntingdon and Robert of Torigni. Finally, the volume offers a truly rich set of explorations of the political and historiographical dynamics between England and Wales from the tenth century through the late Middle Ages. This volume also contains the Henry Loyn Memorial Lecture for 2008.

Contributors: Shane Bobrycki, Gregory I. Halfond, Thomas Heeboll-Holm, Georgia Henley, Jitske Jasperse, Simon Keynes, Maria Cristina La Rocca, Corinna Matlis, Benjamin Pohl, Thomas Roche, Owain Wyn Jones

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Table of Contents

Mores tuos fabricae loquuntur. Building Activity and the Rhetoric of Power in Ostrogothic Italy - Maria Cristina La Rocca
A Hermeneutical Feast: Interreligious Dining in Early Medieval Conciliar Legislation - Gregory Halfond
A Hypothetical Slave in Constantinople: Amalarius's Liber Officialis and the Mediterranean Slave Trade - Shane Bobrycki
Welsh kings at Anglo-Saxon Royal Assemblies (928-55) - Simon Keynes
The Diplomatics of Depredation: Reconsidering Holy Trinity Caen's List of Losses - Thomas Roche
When Did Robert of Torigni First Receive Henry of Huntingdon's Historia Anglorum, and Why Does It Matter? - Benjamin Pohl
A Coin Bearing Testimony to Duchess Matilda as Consors Regni - Jitske Jasperse
Fighting to be the Tallest Dwarf: Invidia and Competition in the Self-Conception of Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Masters - Corinna Matlis
Brut y Tywysogion: the History of the Princes and Twelfth-Century Cambro-Latin Historical Writing - Owain Wyn Jones
The Use of English Annalistic Sources in Medieval Welsh Chronicles - Georgia Lynn Henley
A Franco-Danish Marriage and the Plot against England - Thomas K. Heebøll-Holm

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