The Haskins Society Journal 25

October 2014
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Haskins Society Journal
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The Haskins Society Journal 25

2013. Studies in Medieval History

Edited by Laura L. Gathagan, William North

Fruits of the most recent research on the worlds of the eleventh and twelfth centuries.
The essays collected here embody the Haskins Society's commitment to historical and interdisciplinary research on the early and central Middle Ages, especially in the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Angevin worlds, but also on the continent.
Their topics range from the discovery of Bede's use of catechesis to educate readers on conversion, the discovery of an early eleventh-century Viking mass burial, and historical interpretations of Eadric Streona, to the development of monastic liturgy at Durham Cathedral, the Franco-centricity of Latin accounts of the First Crusade, and an investigation of Gerald of Wales' rarely considered Speculum duorum virorum. Contributions on the charters of the countesses of Ponthieu and Blanche of Navarre's role in military dimensions of governance explore the nature and mechanisms of female lordship on the continent, while others investigate the nature of kingship through close readings, respectively, of John of Worcester and William of Malmesbury and the Vie de Saint Gilles; a further chapter considers the changing image of William the Conqueror in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century French historiography. Finally, a study of Serlo of Bayeux's defense of clerical marriage, along with a critical edition and facing translation of his poem The Capture of Bayeux offers readers new insights and access to this often overlooked witness to Norman history in the early twelfth century.

Contributors: Angela Boyle, Marcus Bull, Philippa Byrne, Jay Paul Gates, Véronique Gazeau, Wendy Marie Hoofnagle, Elizabeth van Houts, Kathy M. Krause, Charlie Rozier, Katrin E. Sjursen, Carolyn Twomey, Emily A. Winkler

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Table of Contents

Kings as Catechumens: Royal Conversion Narratives and Easter in Bede's Historia ecclesiastica - Carolyn Twomey
Death on the Dorset Ridgeway: a Viking murder mystery - Angela Boyle
The Historiographical Construction of a Northern French First Crusade - Marcus Bull
The Fate of the Priests' Sons in Normandy with Special Reference to Serlo of Bayeux - Elisabeth Van Houts
Contextualising the Past at Durham Cathedral Priory, c.1090-1130: Uses of History in the Annals of Durham, Dean and Chapter Library, MS Hunter 100 - Charlie Rozier
Imagining Justice in the Anglo-Saxon Past: Eadric Streona, Kingship, and the Search for Community - Jay Paul Gates
England's Defending Kings in Twelfth-Century Historical Writing - Emily A. Winkler
Taming the Wilderness: the Exploration of Anglo-Norman Kingship in the Vie de Saint Gilles - Wendy Marie Hoofnagle
Instructing the Disciples of Nero: The Uncertain Prospects for Moral Education in Gerald of Wales' Speculum duorum - Philippa Byrne
Weathering Thirteenth-Century Warfare: The Case of Blanche of Navarre - Katrin E. Sjursen
The Charters of the Thirteenth-Century Inheriting Countesses of Ponthieu - Kathy M. Krause
Imagining the Conqueror:The Changing Image of William the Conqueror, 1830-1945 - Véronique Gazeau

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